Who we are

I (Katja) am a copywriter and SEO for a travel-based digital marketing company. I recently graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Literature and Media.

Glenn and I live together in Llandudno, Cape Town, and share most of our travels and our interests.

Glenn studies Mechanical Engineering at UCT. He is super interested in the histories of different places, and spends most of his free time reading up on this and making things.

We’re both avid adventurers and always up for a challenge! Currently, our challenge is combining history and travel in a blog worth reading.

Why we’re writing a travel blog!

We love to travel, and to explore our area. We’re also big into adventure sports – the ones we can afford! Most importantly, we love to discuss our experiences in detail. So we thought, why not combine our knowledge and our interests, right here.

When Glenn finishes his degree we’re going to Europe for a year or two, to travel around in a little van and see everything we can! But we figured, why not start writing now? Between us we’ve been to 9 countries, and know a ton about South Africa, where most of our writing will be based for now. 

I am really interested in photography (you can even check out my South African photography portfolio). So we work to keep most of the photos our own!

Recent Stories

Katja writes about our travels, Glenn writes the histories! Every place we travel to links to a post about the place’s history, and vice versa. Check out our recent stories.

Our 8 Best Date Ideas Cape Town

A city with one of the widest ranges of activities in a central location, Cape Town is the best city you can ask for, for a great date! We’ve been on some incredible ones, from the semi-awkward start of the relationship to now. So if you’ve gone on a first date and it...

Multi-day Hiking in Cederberg

The Cederberg is gorgeous. Really, an absolute wonderland, with gravity-defying rock formations and stark landscapes. And we were awestruck by the super cool rocks we were clambering over. We really were. But everything was so hard. Just a 3-day hike in Cederberg, we...

History of Oudtshoorn – Ostrich Capital of the World

Have a look at Katja's post on the colourful KKNK.Oudtshoorn is a small town in the Klein Karoo that has been the world’s foremost producer of ostrich products for almost its entire history. This article takes a peek at the history of Oudtshoorn.The first Dutch...